Chic Global Events Ltd is an innovative event management company offering our clients fully integrated event solutions.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality services. To do so we’ve partnered with reputable venues and event suppliers. CGE is a brand you can trust when it comes to quality and consistency.

We vouch to uphold and protect our client’s brand and reputation by doing everything it takes to deliver successful and memorable events.

Chic Global Events Ltd is a corporate events management company.

We provide corporate events management services such as venue sourcing, planning and organising of business meetings, conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our values are reflected in our policies and practices!




At Chic Global Events we are true to our values and operates with a keen business conscience.

As a small business we want to do our part in contributing to the wellbeing of the world we live in and its people. We aim to do so by adopting sustainable practices in the events we create by sourcing responsible, encouraging recycling and waste management.

We enjoy giving back and we do so by volunteering in the community, working with and making donations various charities.

We hold ourselves accountable by practicing what we preach and hope this will inspiring others to do the same.